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Debasmita Ghose

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I am a graduate student of Computer Science ay Yale University, working on my Ph.D. under Prof. Brian Scassellatti at the Yale Social Robotics Lab.I am interested in exploring Human Robot collaboration in the context of industrial robots. My areas of interest are Robotics, Computer Vision and Embedded System Design.

Previously, I was a Masters student of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I was working as a Graduate Research Assistant on my Masters Thesis at Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics, under Prof. Rod Grupen.

I earned my BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, India where I focused on Embedded System Design and built robots.

I have enjoyed working at Technical University of Dresden, Germany, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Siemens Corporate Technology, Munich, Germany.

I have been involved in projects in the domain of Robotics, Ubiquitous Computing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Computer Vision. Additionally, I am interested in the manipulation and control of robots in chaotic environments and design of UAVs.

In my free time, I enjoy travelling, photography and cooking.


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